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Over the years, Normandeau Technologies has evolved from a communications firm into a full-service technologies company. We were early-adopters of emerging technologies, and are members of the Nextgen Technology Group. This peer group focuses on embracing next-generation, IP-based solutions, and drawing on the best practices of other ‘Best in Class’ members. These members are truly our best friends, and an extension of the Normandeau family.

Growing Together

Normandeau Technologies specializes in helping business owners integrate their old devices with new technologies, like VoIP. Other business owners have remote workers, or structured cabling plans that need to be updated to adapt to the latest technologies. We’ll work closely with you to create, and implement, customized strategies that help support your existing legacy equipment, migrate to a new system and/or develop a long-term solution to fulfill your unique technological needs.

Family Discount!

NTI invites you to explore one of the industry’s most comprehensive selection of Carrier Services, VoIP Telephone Systems, Business Texting Services, and IT Services…at prices up to 50% off named-brand vendors!

Contact NTI today to discover the best solutions for your communication and technology needs, and why keeping you connected to the heart of your world is so important to the Normandeau family. You’ll be glad you did!

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