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Are you worried about cybercrime, the safety of your data, and the possibility of your system being hacked? If your business’ computer system crashed, would you want your data backed up and secured offsite in real-time? Does your business require integrated networking solutions to speed up your processes and eliminate redundancies? Would you prefer all repairs to your computer system be conducted remotely (without hurrying up and waiting for a service appointment)? Contact Normandeau Technologies Inc today at (954) 678-4744 or (413) 584-3131 for comprehensive IT solutions tailored to secure your data and streamline your operations.

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Trusted IT Partnerships at Normandeau Technologies Inc

At Normandeau Technologies, Inc., our business, employees, and customers mean the world to us, and you probably feel the same way. That’s why we’ve established longstanding, rock-solid relationships with the highest-rated, safest, and most secure IT vendors available today to protect our organization and yours.

Seamless Transition to Cloud Solutions for Enhanced IT Security and Functionality

For added protection, we’ll even help you move your infrastructure to the cloud, which offers added security, functionality, and portability, requires less capital investment, and is easily integrated into other business operations. Contact us today and discover a level of safety, security, functionality, and cost-saving you’ve never dreamed possible!

Contact Normandeau Technologies Inc. at (954) 678-4744 or (413) 584-3131 today. Your optimized IT experience awaits!

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Sean and Kristen McClintock
Sean and Kristen McClintock
We have experienced the best customer service while working with Normandeau Technologies. They offer a wide variety of services, offer reasonable prices, and are great at communicating every step of the way. Their techs (especially Ryan) are very knowledgeable, and will help their customers to troubleshoot issues without making them feel bad or like a bother. Highly recommend!!
Lisa Chatterton
Lisa Chatterton
Normandeau Technologies did not disappoint! Brett is very knowledgeable and professional and explained how our new phone system would work in detail before installation. Ryan had us up and running quickly and smoothly with no down time and answered any questions we had after installation within hours, if not minutes.
Adam Greenspan
Adam Greenspan
Excellent customer service. Delivered as promised. Provided a cost savings while supplying a superior product.
Peter Wansick
Peter Wansick
Normandeau Technologies has been supporting our business for several years and has consistently provided excellent service.
Marissa Beaulieu
Marissa Beaulieu
We switched our VoIP business services from Verizon to Normandeau recently. The personalized service and dependable employees made the switch over process quick and simple. Ryan answered all of our questions, he is extremely knowledgeable and was able to combat any minor issue with ease. We have worked with Brett in the past who is excellent as well. The Intermedia Unite service they set us up with is better than we imagined. We highly recommend Normandeau Technologies.
Adam Quenneville Roofing and Siding Inc
Adam Quenneville Roofing and Siding Inc
Brett is just wonderful to work with and the whole team is super efficient.
Susan Berlin
Susan Berlin
Our new phone system is amazing! The installation took minutes and involved no down-time
John Browning
John Browning
Normandeau Technologies has been a great partner for our firm from the implementation all the way through to the day to day operations. Making suggestions and giving advice that make our organization better in multiple ways, not the least of which is always finding ways to save us money. I highly recommend their services.
Red Eagle
Red Eagle
Three reasons I enjoy working at Normandeau Technologies. First, I enjoy providing solutions with the best/tested reliabilities at lower costs. Second, I appreciate the "Local" attention given to customers. Last. A Veteran friendly atmosphere. Being a Vet and a Verizon 30 yr retiree these are important to me. My personal record at replacing a dead phone system is 90 mins and the new system saved 30% in yearly costs. #gettingitdone

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Ultimate VoIP Consulting for Seamless Communication

Ultimate VoIP Consulting for Seamless Communication

Introducing the Power of VoIP Consulting with NTI Are you searching for the best communication system for your business? Look no further. NTI offers top-notch VoIP consulting services to guide you towards the best solution tailored to your specific requirements....

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