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Talk With Brett Normandeau About How Your Business Can Upgrade to a Cloud-Based VoIP Office Communication System to Meet New Federal Government Regulations, Plus to Improve Your Productivity at Possible Lower Costs…

You have a monumental decision to make today now that the Federal Communications Commission requires carriers to decommission copper infrastructure and convert to new technologies, such as broadband, fiber and wireless by July 2022.

These new regulations will impact your business telephone lines, fax machines, credit card terminals, alarms, DSL Internet access and more.

Your decision is whether to upgrade from POTS to a new cloud-based VoIP communication system that will enable your business to meet government guidelines and gain competitive advantage by improving productivity at possible lower costs…

Or to stay with your Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) and suffer the consequences of less support from phone carriers with greater risk of an inferior technology that can impede your business growth.

Before you decide, talk with Brett Normandeau to learn about the benefits of upgrading to a VoIP system and to see if your company meets the qualifications.

Why Upgrading to a Cloud-Based Office Communication System Can Improve Your Productivity at Lower Costs

Upgrading to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) office communication system can enable your business to communicate with remote workers and integrate it with mobile devices, websites, email, text and much more. All at possible lower costs than your existing POTS.

What You’ll Learn From the FREE Checklist…

Here are 7 of the many things you'll learn about from the FREE checklist.

  1. How you can unite all office-based and remote workers into one communication system, no matter where anyone is located – even overseas.
  2. Why connecting each worker’s computers and mobile devices to broadband or wireless Internet can assure you and your workforce may never miss a call again.
  3. Discover new features that enable you to forward calls to your office phone and route them to your mobile phone, so you can receive calls no matter where you travel.
  4. How Insta-call can enable your website visitors to know when you are available to talk, so you can speed up closing sales.
  5. At last… an innovative way to integrate video conference calls with your office communication system. Now you’ll be able to see and hear whom you are communicating with online.
  6. Real-time reporting of calls & call-routing to help you monitor productivity and costs.
  7. Why Normandeau Technologies is a leader in VoIP communication systems, serving companies and their workers nationwide. Plus, why you should select Normandeau as your VoIP provider.

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Schedule your FREE consultation now to see if your business qualifies for a new VoIP office communication system.

Plus, discover why upgrading your business telephone system from POTS to VoIP can help you increase call completions at a possibly lower cost.

And last, learn how your business can gain competitive advantage while utilizing these new advances in communication technology.

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