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Data Cabling

Since 1990 NTI has been providing quality structured cabling installations in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut. We are fully licensed and insured and can provide free estimates for any type of wiring project. All voice, data and fiber is tested and certified to current EIA/TIA standards. Please contact us today for a free no obligation assessment for all your cabling needs.


Headquartered in Leominster, Massachusetts, Mohawk has been providing fiber and copper cable innovations for over 50 years. Our headquartered location dedicates 210,000 square feet to today’s most advanced facilities for the design, development and production of copper, fiber optic, and hybrid wire and cable. An ISO 9001 certified company, Mohawk develops products to meet and support TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, ICEA and NEMA standards. Mohawk is supported with worldwide management, financial resources, and distribution capabilities of the global Belden operations.


Hubbell’s tradition of quality, most apparent in its products but a part of its operations as well, will continue its contribution in the future. To Hubbell management, quality is an emphasis on asset deployment to provide the flexibility and resources to implement planned growth and consistent return to shareholders. To Hubbell employees, quality is the focus on each day’s work in design, engineering, testing, and production. To customers, Hubbell quality is the superior operation, reliable performance, and dependable service which distinguish Hubbell products from others. The combination of these – commitment to the industry, diversification of product and market, a continuing tradition of quality, partnership with the independent electrical distributor, and the experience of accomplishment in research and development – have forged Hubbell Incorporated’s exceptional records of growth. The same comprehensive corporate capability will expand Hubbell’s growth in the commercial, telecommunications, lighting, utility, industrial, and consumer markets of the future.


The diversity and future development of the world of cable demand a company with GLOBAL EXPERTISE, a strong LOCAL PRESENCE and TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP.The sheer magnitude and variety of cables used today require a cable manufacturer with vision and extensive production and service capability. Berk-Tek offers: GLOBAL EXPERTISE founded on experience, LOCAL PRESENCE and proximity to the customer, TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP based on innovation


Ortronics incorporates passion for the principles of good design across all of their divisions. They create products that make the lives of all they touch better. Ortronics provides the right level of technology for the job, efficient installation, exceptional fit and finish and outstanding customer service. Today’s workplaces have rapidly evolving power, data/communications, A/V and security demands. That’s why Ortronics design advanced, highly flexible electrical and network solutions that work together seamlessly – to better manage, organize, protect and connect the electrical installation and information infrastructure today and well into the future.

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