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Ask 10 different IT companies what the cloud is and you will likely get at least 9 unique answers. Simply put, when your organization hits a ceiling where its existing IT infrastructure no longer supports its business process, consider adopting Optia Cloud Services. Optia Cloud Services are IT services that are delivered to your organization through the internet. Cloud services can replace traditional servers and IT services that your organization uses for its daily business processes. Optia Cloud Services are often more flexible and affordable that traditional IT services and will grow with your organization as it matures.

Companies considering cloud service type products must evaluate their options carefully. For example, what happens when your local internet goes down and you just moved your company “to the cloud”? How about when you find out that your local internet does not support the remote applications you just signed up for? There is much to consider when evaluating a legitimate cloud services solution. At NTI, our Optia Cloud Services do not operate in a vacuum… We have spent several decades designing networks, managing ISP circuits, and building Optia Cloud Managed Services from the ground up. It is this unique cross platform experience that ensures we leave no stone unturned in evaluating and designing legitimate and long term cloud solutions for our clients that are truly sustainable vs. a quick jump to the latest buzz word.

There are many benefits to Optia Cloud Solutions including:

Backup Automation
Shared Servers
Hosted Applications
Power, Cooling, Security
Remote Site Replication
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