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Messages Customers Actually Open/Read!

Unseen and Unheard?

If you own a service-related, appointment-based business and are having a difficult time reaching your customers, it may be time to bypass costly hold-times, and voicemail and e-mail delays, and incorporate business texting into your client communications (…with good reason)! On average, business texts are likely to be read 98% of the time vs. voicemail, which are opened just 25% of the time!

When Every Second Counts!

In addition to sending coupons, specials, and upcoming appointment reminders, you can automate responses and queue, or send texts to targeted groups. This is especially important if you wish to convert sudden cancelations into booked appointments. However, the benefits don’t end there!

Taking Care of Business!

Business texting enables you to respond from your business’ phone number, so you don’t have to give out your personal number. Moreover, you’ll enjoy full accountability and reporting, as your business will have records of all texts sent on its behalf. If you conduct seminars, you can even collect cellphone numbers at the beginning, and send thank yous and updates immediately afterward!

Reap the Rewards!

So, stop worrying about the fastest and most reliable way to reach customers when voicemails and e-mails cannot. Contact us today to discover how Normandeau Technologies, Inc. can help your business reap the rewards of business texting. You’ll be glad you did!

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